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Hi guys,

So this is the first time I have posted anything in a community but I needed help finding stories. I remember reading some really good Blaise/Hermione stories on livejournal by an author named Dixi19 but apparently she has deleted her journal! :( I was wondering if anyone had any of her stories saved to their computers and if they could email it to me, or if they knew how I could contact her to get her stories. They were so good and I really want to read them again!!! I hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance!
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Author: whirl_gig 
Title: Off the Beaten Track
Pairings: Hermione/Blaise, Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Setting: AU. Blaise and Hermione are just ordinary university students living ordinary student-y lives. I think I had Skoosiepants's "Dirty Trousers" in mind when I wrote this (if you haven't read that, do so immediately. You will not regret it.).
Word Count: 2211
Summary: Blaise is the sort of man that makes you want to renew your gym membership.

Read it here

I hope you enjoy it!  Please drop me a line telling me what you thought.

Much love,

golden trio

Fic Search/Fic Rec

Hey guys!
So I've recently become a shipper of Blaise/Hermione and I was wondering if there were any stories that had Draco and Blaise competing for Hermione's affections. I've read a few fics where the three of them are in a relationship together, but I was wondering if you guys knew of any with Blaise/Hermione vs. Draco/Hermione instead of Draco/Hermione/Blaise. I don't really care when the story takes place, and, if it takes place Post-Hogwarts, past flings with either men are okay. Rating wise, I'd prefer M or NC-17 with some smutty goodness.(:

I really hope you guys know of some!

ETA: I love really angsty fics and I'd prefer if there was no Draco/Blaise pairing in the story.


Hello everyone.  I certainly hope this is allowed here...  I am desperately searching for a fic that I read a while back and have had absolutely NO luck finding...

Here's what I remember:

- Post-Hogwarts
- Blaise and Hermione meet in a club or a bar
- I believe that Hermione has decided to try and lose her virginity
- Blaise takes her home
- She's embarassed about her padded bra, but is relieved that Blaise doesn't seem to care about it  (I remember that detail quite vividly)
- She doesn't tell him she's a virgin until rather late in the game and he... erm... reacts rather strongly

I know it's not much to go on, but any insight anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much!


One More Time (24/24)

Title: One More Time
Author: silver_etoile 
Rating: R
Complete: Yes
Pairing: Hermione/Blaise
Disclaimer: I solemnly swear that I do not own Harry Potter and/or any other characters used in this fic.
Warning: Angst, Pregnancy, Language, Lime
Summary: They broke up a year ago but Blaise still visits Hermione before any date she has. The night was no different but what happened after would change everything.

Reread: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Chapter 24: Epilogue )